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  • The Glass is half full/empty !

    The Glass is half full/empty !

    I launched last summer and have been pushing the development coming to a year now which is partly the reason I’ve not been blogging !  We’ve cleared up a lot of bugs and evolved it to be the most useful guide for cultural and leisure activities in Lebanon.  As of writing this we have over 10k Facebook…

  • Open your eyes and look within

    Open your eyes and look within

    Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? From the great Bob Marley Exodus track.  So much meaning it’s difficult to come to any conclusions about what is actually intended in these words.  Having read my fare share about the Rastarian way of life I think the fundamental message is clear: Open your eyes means…

  • What is your religion ?

    What is your religion ?

    I recently lost my cool when someone asked me what my religion was after I mentioned that I was Lebanese. Granted I was tired and I felt the meeting was going nowhere but my reaction was none the less slightly emotional and defensive. I have been asked this question all my life and have until…