Guarulhos Centro

Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I’ve been moving the office of my Brazilian company to Guarulhos in the state of Sao Paulo. Guarulhos is most known by foreigners for the International Airport of Sao Paulo, however there is a very vibrant and energetic city 5-10 minutes drive from the Airport which is growing very quickly.

From the office balcony you can see a lot of construction and very busy Avenues.  It is a city that is about to take off with many companies choosing to settle here because of the lower prices, excellent human resources, proximity to downtown Sao Paulo and the International Airport.  With no traffic you can drive to Sao Paulo centro in 10 minutes and with a combination of bus and metro can be in Praça da Sé in under 1 hour.

Having spent a month here in May and June 2014, I’ve been able to discover a number of things to do which I will have to save for another post or the website we will be setting up soon






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