Kamala Harris finally calls for a ceasefire

21 weeks, that’s 147 days since Oct 7 the US Government officially called for a ceasefire.

It was the US Vice President Kamala Harris speaking at the Edmund Pettus Bridge during an event to commemorate the 59th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Ala. when civil rights marchers were attacked

Is this related to the coming Ramadan, perhaps the 16% uncommitted in Michigan or some other threshold statistic that isn’t advantageous to certain people!

Many questions now! What comes after? How did before happen? How do we stop it from happening again? Will Israeli settlements return to Gaza? What should we do about the Fascist uprising in Judea and Samaria?

Moreover what should we do about the 80 million voting evangelical Christian’s who are targeted by Israeli (and defense contractors) propaganda in their Churches, on their news, in their social media to always view Israel as the representative of all Jews and no matter what atrocities and war crimes Israel commits with US tax dollars that all the sympathy, aid and support should go to them.

Anyway, well done Kamala, but this doesn’t change the fact the current administration has actively supported and financed the near genocide of an indigenous people in the holiest of lands to all religions.







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