Le Trio Joubran

Last night at the Beirut Music Hall, a band by the name of Le Trio Joubran quite literally mesmerised, hypnotised and captivated everyone including myself.  The 3 brothers from Palestine played their Ouds in a way I had never seen before and conjured in me a vivid past life as I closed my eyes and imagined myself walking the lands of my motherlands.

The emotions they conjured from the audience brought tears to many with several standing ovations from everyone at the Music Hall. There was sadness and joy, laughter and seriousness but mostly a sense of solidarity between the levant people and their ancestral culture.

The 3 brothers Samir, Wissam and Adnan don’t just play the Oud.  They make love to it. They bend the sound in unimaginable ways and have a harmony together that can only be found of brothers from the same womb. The word ‘Hypnotised’ was mentioned by several unrelated people.

Not wanting to write over sentimentally about how they made me feel, but closing ones eyes brought back a past life and existence to all of us of how our grandparents lived in the levant and this was truly the emotion they captivated in all with roots in this region.  A solidarity around their music and sound that no words can quite catch.

I am now forever a big fan and supporter of Le Trio Joubran



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