My horror.

Today is a dark day in my personal view of the world. The US vetoed a ceasefire on the Gaza assault. We’ve lost count of the numbers of dead. I’m in the process of getting a green card. I like this country. My son was born here. I like Americans. I’ve made some great friends here. So this is really difficult and hurtful, but I have to leave. I’m going crazy at the indifference.

I think of Jesus and how he was killed by Roman invaders under the watchful eyes of his fellow Jews. I think of how Jesus’s heart was broken and Judas. There are many Judases today in this world and it breaks my heart.

The picture above is an AI generated photo of what Jesus would have looked like by GANBROOD

When I look at Netanyahu and I see his ministers who are calling for genocide and ‘Turning Gaza into a parking lot’, I don’t see descendants of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. I see Polish and Eastern European crusaders.

When I see reporters in Gaza like Motaz Azaiza and other reporters risking their lives and about to be murdered by bombs made and paid for by US taxpayers, I can’t help feel that history is repeating itself.






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