Sporting Club, Beirut, Lebanon

Sporting Club, Beirut, Lebanon

Saturday morning at the Sporting Club in Ras Beirut a class act ! OK, so it costs 25 USD to get in and the place hasn’t been really renovated since it was first open sometime early last century but it just works ! The food and service is great, the pools are cool and inviting under the blistering summer sun.  I spent 2 hours there from 11:00 to 13:00 only and I got burnt badly!

Now the sea is not so clean and unless there is a strong northerly wind its not advisable to swim there which is sad but hey what can you do … it’s a work a progress !

There are currently 6 decent beach clubs in Beirut: Coral Beach, Movenpick, Sporting Club, Riviera, La Plage, St George.  The fact that Sporting Club is facing west insure great sunsets and the restaurants and beach food are excellent.









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