Thank you Gaza ❤️

The sacrifice you’ve had to make to wake the world up will never be forgotten.

The world has changed for ever. For better or worse we will find out soon enough. But it looks like it will be for the better because you’ve shown us what bravery is.

The pictures and videos you continue to send us of your unspeakable suffering is driving our energy to speak up no matter what the consequences might be for us.

You’ve shown us that we cannot sit idill and not be fully conscious on even the most basic decision such as where to drink coffee.

One thing we will be keeping an eye on is anyone anywhere spreading lies about you and Palestinian people in general and this is our struggle now.

We will never stop telling the world about you, correcting the lies and exposing the liars wherever they may show.

Just like they have made it uncomfortable for you, we will make it uncomfortable for them.

We love you ❤️






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