AWS Summit 2014

AWS Summit 2014 Sao Paulo

I’ve been using Amazon Web Services for hosting client applications and websites since 2010 and admit to being a big fan of the service.  Sure for hosting it does work out to be more expensive but the advantages you get for recovery and scaleability are well worth it, especially for mission critical businesses.

The AWS Summit in Sao Paulo was an eye opened on many fronts.  Primarily I realised that no other company is offering services much more advanced than what we’re doing even though they claim to be.  My company SOLDIA has migrated many clients over and is implementing the most popular of services that are on offer.

What I did discover is that there are some great companies here in Brazil that have gotten a global reach for their applications through AWS.  The company that most impressed me for their outstanding growth was and this was originally conceived around 2012 in Rio.  Granted it’s not the most original concept, there are many alternative services offering this (Hailo, Uber, Kabbee, etc) but the fact that it’s a Brazilian company that’s developing the technology and implementing it world wide is admirable.

I’ve always known that Brazil has some of the most talented IT human resources and if properly motivated and rewarded exceptional things can be developed.  Other notable companies included PSafe an anti-virus software and VTex a white label ecommerce platform.

As for learning new things about the AWS services, beanstalk was kind of interesting to automate the creation of your platform but as with everything IT, you get a lot more from google than someone talking.








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