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  • Artified and back in Utah

    Artified and back in Utah

    Is that a word? No silly! It just, very indirectly, means that I’ve been given a huge responsibility to work on a project that is very close to my heart. The project involves the very large scope of promoting Arab Art. Promoting perhaps is not the best word since the Art we’re working with is…

  • The Glass is half full/empty !

    The Glass is half full/empty !

    I launched last summer and have been pushing the development coming to a year now which is partly the reason I’ve not been blogging !  We’ve cleared up a lot of bugs and evolved it to be the most useful guide for cultural and leisure activities in Lebanon.  As of writing this we have over 10k Facebook…

  • Bulworth – Warren Beatty

    Bulworth – Warren Beatty

    Voluntary free spirited open ended program of procreative racial deconstruction