The Glass is half full/empty !

I launched last summer and have been pushing the development coming to a year now which is partly the reason I’ve not been blogging !  We’ve cleared up a lot of bugs and evolved it to be the most useful guide for cultural and leisure activities in Lebanon.  As of writing this we have over 10k Facebook followers and close to 1000 organic subscribers that receive our weekly newsletter and these numbers are increasing everyday.

It has been an upward battle in the face of ever increasing difficulties from the region and specifically the Syrian war.  As I write this blog post now in full spring bloom, I am more optimistic about this country than ever.  We’re coming up to a 1 year anniversary and are in the process of expanding to cover other regional cities such as Dubai, Cairo and Amman, and this has all been possible because there is an endless amount of positive content to write and discuss on Lebanon.

Some of the articles and posts we’re making on SOBEIRUT are beginning to get higher numbers of views and are being shared significantly … although not really going quite viral yet, they are attracting enough readers for this little country.

An observation on some of the posts is the large polemic nature of peoples feelings towards Lebanon.  You either hate it and think it’s going to collapse anytime or you still continue to have hope and admiration for what it is evolving into.  The glass is half full or half empty and the heated debate is being played out in 2 of the posts (Post1, Post2) that are being discussed.

Personally I am of the glass is half full camp and I guess I take that from my Dad, one of the most positive people I know in midst of incredible challenges and an ardent lover of Lebanon despite the many things that everyone hates here.

The reason I am discussing this today is not so much to toot my horn on what a positive guy I am but to remind myself what the Former CEO of Sun said in an old article that “he’s never met a rich pessimist!”.  I am assuming that all the people who are badmouthing Lebanon are very poor … and will probably stay poor unless they change their state of mind.



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