Open your eyes and look within

Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

From the great Bob Marley Exodus track.  So much meaning it’s difficult to come to any conclusions about what is actually intended in these words.  Having read my fare share about the Rastarian way of life I think the fundamental message is clear: Open your eyes means literally to wake up.  Because Rastafarians believe that Jah (Jehova / God) lives within each person, then you must look within to find the right path and achieve your perfection.

I know the time around this song and the Exodus album is shortly after he was shot and went into exile in London, but imagine the power of his music that almost 25 years since his death his music continues to live on and bring so much joy and hope to so many.

Bob Marley grew up in extreme poverty and was inspired towards music by his mother and the church choir .  There is enough suffering between the Syrians and the Palestinians to rival very closely the plight of the enslaved black people throughout history … when will they find their redemption in music that opens the eyes of the world to set them free ?







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