Since Elon Musk’s viral comments over Killer Robots the last couple of days, I’ve been reading up and have come across some interesting info.  I’d read a while back the Wired cover feature ‘Why the future doesn’t need us‘ but it was interesting to re-read on this subject.

While googling I came across this video by Ray Kurszweil which is an eye opener.

As humans we’ve evolved over millions and billions of years, from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapien.  The only real solution seemed to be to merge with technology and evolve from Homo Sapien to Homo Superior.

The scary thing is that this is going to happen in my lifetime !  The wars of the future will be between the Transhumans (those who merge with technology) , or as Michio Kaku refers to them as Homo Superior, and our soon to be extinct Homo Sapiens.  If you think about it there is no way to escape this because it’s in our Human nature to always excel, grow and develop, especially if it’s financially rewarding.  Someone who is ‘technologically upgraded’ will be smarter than someone who isn’t and hence more likely to get a job !

The good thing is that by then there won’t be wars between nations and religions.






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